EV Charger For Household Purpose

Addtime: Source: Chenxi Electric


With exquisite appearance, its hand-hold design is in line with priciples of erogonomics, easy to plug in and pull out. Confirm to IEC61851-1, IEC62196-2 and IEC62196-1 standards. Its protection level reaches IP44.

  RCCB RNR1-125 B Type

· Only 36mm for 1P+N and 72mm for 3P+N

· Protection for PV system, EV changing, electricity environment, etc.

· Rated breaking capacity: 10KA

· Rated current: 25/40/63/80/100/125A

· Rated Residual Operating Current: 10/30/100/300mA

· Handle with padlock to protect from error operation

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